Reserving a Puppy | Cost & Value

Norfolk Terriers originated in Cambridge, England. Over all the years we have found that the healthiest Norfolks are of European bloodlines. We have found in our experience that some of the American bloodlines have not been as healthy.

We take all our Norfolks for their regular screenings and health tests. We go to the Southeast's best canine cardiologist in Charlotte, NC for their heart scans, using the Dopplar Sprectrum color scans to detect any mitral value irregularities. To date we have had no heart problems from any of our dogs. We also travel to Columbia, SC for their regular eye tests with the best canine opthamologist to scan for any irregularies. We take our responsibility of raising these wonderful dogs seriously.

"Raising Norfolk Terrier puppies is our greatest pleasure ~ Breeding the Norfolk Terrier remains our greatest responsibility.  It is a privilege and an honor to preserve these lines."

We are a small hobby breeder located in Aiken, South Carolina and we strive to produce top quality Norfolks in the red, wheaton and black & tan colors. The parents are champion-sired and have multiple champions in their pedigree on both the top and bottom lines. Siblings of our dogs have been champions as well. We breed 3-4 litters a year. Our main focus with each carefully planned breeding is to keep someone to add to and compliment our breeding program. The puppies are sold on limited AKC registration with a spay/neuter contract. Our dogs are first and foremost our family members, though they may compete in the show ring, obedience ring, are wonderful therapy dogs at local nursing homes, schools and classrooms.  All of our dogs live in our home where their babies are born in our bedroom, raised with kids, and other family members and  are very very well socialized over the twelve weeks they are with us. Pups leave our home with a written three year guarantee on health and disposition, first vaccines, they are prophylacticly dewormed and started on their lifetime of heartworm prevention. Due to the stressfulness of shipping animals,  should you be out of state and be interested in one of our babies,  we ask that travel arrangements be made so that your new family member rides home with you in the car or if airlines, in the cabin. We do not ship, as we only accept reservations and release a puppy to you after a personal interview meeting here.


What is the next step in acquiring a pup

 We don't just let anyone take our puppies. You'll probably think we're going above and beyond the normal call of duty in finding our pups the right home. For us it's not just selling a dog, it's an adoption. This is a lifetime commitment, one that you and I both agree upon. We're here for you, today, tomorrow, in the future, forever. If you have a question or a concern, we're always here to help. This is a professional process of finding your next family member and it's also an investment in your family's happiness, health and safety 

We encourage each potential owner of a Norfolk to thoroughly check into the breeder where they choose to get their dog.  Even if it is not us, please do your research and homework about the breed and the breeder.   Visit the kennel, get to know the breeders....ask yourself if you like the environment that your future family member is living in,  are the conditions clean,  are the dogs clean and healthy? Do they seem very true to the breed?   Are the others in the lineage well mannered? etc. 

Our site is intended to help educate people about the Norfolk Terrier breed. There are many differences in the Norfolks out there. You will often here people speak of different style or colors.  I often hear that the different colors make a difference in the temperament of the dog. I disagree! My statement to those individuals is,  with a well bred Norfolk Terrier,  you can unzip the suit and have the very same dog regardless of coat color. Unfortunately, however, do to the popularity of our breed they have been some breeders who have cross bred with another similar breed, resulting in dogs that have many severe genetic problems, are shy ,and even aggressive! 

So please do your homework before making this huge commitment.  Regardless, it is up to the individual to research and decide which color of Norfolk is right for you and your family. 

 Puppies from Trinity Farms are available on a very limited basis to screened homes only. Most perspective owners wait approximately 6 months to a year or more, for a puppy from any reputable breeder. If you are interested in a Trinity puppy please fill out the puppy questionnaire.

Puppy Pre-Qualifying Questionnaire

The following questions are being asked so that the right puppy with the proper personality and the right placement of each puppy is made by bringing the various requirements of both the puppy and his/her new owner(s) into perspective, BEFORE a choice is made. I am certain you will agree that the dog's welfare must be our foremost consideration in a placement. Please answer the following questions as completely as you can, and return this form. You may print it, complete it and drop it in the snail mail, or for a much quicker response please copy/paste into an email and send it back.



City and State, zip code


Telephone: home and cell and work                                                                                                         




Married? If yes, name of spouse if not included above

Children?If yes, names and ages                                                

Is anyone at home during the daytime? If not, how long would a dog be left alone? 

Do you travel a lot ? If yes, do you take the dog or board it?


Describe your residence and yard-

Fence?  How high?  Kennel or pen? Invisible fence?

Why do you want a Norfolk Terrier?

Have you ever had a dog before? If yes, what breed(s)?
When? Living? If no, how old was the dog when it died?
How did it die?
Veterinarian reference(s)

Other pets? 

Rate your family's activity level on a scale of 1-10, where 1 is a stay-at-home couch potato and 10 is a tri-athl

(All our puppies are sold on spay/neuter contracts; surgery must be done before the puppy reaches six months of age, and sometimes they will be spayed or neutered before they leave here.)  Please answer with consideration. From your answers I will learn at least two things: how your dog will get exercise and what activity level may be appropriate for your family.

Where will your puppy sleep at night? During the day?

Where will your puppy spend most of its time? 

Are you prepared for shedding? Tracking in mud? Digging? 

Is your lawn meticulously kept? Do you use lawn fertilizers/weed-killers/household pesticides? 

Will you take your puppy to puppy kindergarten/obedience classes? 

What are plans/interests for this puppy?(family companion, therapy, obedience, agility?)                      

Do you want to compete in dog shows? Junior showmanship? Potential breeding?

Do you know the Norfolk Terrier breed standard? 

Have you read any books about Norfolk Terriers and/or dog training? If so, which ones?

When do you hope to take your puppy home? What is your time line?

Please share any other information that you think will help us make the best match between you and your puppy,
including any special needs, preferences, or 'must haves.?' For instance, if it is imperative that you have a specific
sex or color, please let me know and explain why. 


All puppies are temperament tested at the age of seven weeks. Once the evaluation process is complete we will then match the appropriate puppy to the appropriate family.

To reserve a puppy we will need to first approve your questionnaires and have a phone interview. Once approved, the next step allows you to place a $500 reservation deposit to reserve your puppy. If we do not produce a puppy for you in the sex you requested we will apply it to a future litter. All reservation deposits are transferable, to a future litter or another litter, they are non-refundable. Please make sure that you are committed to this puppy and that you are sure we are the breeder for you.

We work with all our families as we know life happens and throws us curve balls from time to time. If you need to move your reservation to a future litter you will lock in your deposit at today's prices.

All puppies are being sold as a family companion will have with a limited registration and a spay/neuter contract as well as a purchase and sales agreement and a written three year health guarantee.

If you are interested in talking about how a Norfolk fits into your family life please call us, or if you would like to place a reservation for one of our available or future puppies, please send us an email with your answers to the two sets of questions below. Replying to our questionnaires does not obligate you to purchasing a puppy, but we do start to talk to all our potential new families from these conversation points. Any personal information you provide us on this application will only be used for:  a) contact information for us when we start a family file for reservation of a puppy for you, upon our receiving your $500 deposit; and b) will be transferred onto a deposit record to hold a puppy and to the pending purchase and sale contract at the time of delivery. Of course your deposit is applied to the final cost of the puppy. We protect your privacy and do not give out any information.


You will get a response by email to let you know that we received your inquiry. You are also welcome to give us a call to tell us you sent an inquiry by email. Our phone is (803) 648-3137 so please leave us a message if you don't reach us immediately. We will get back in touch with you shortly to answer any questions that you may have.

Reservation Protocol:

If you are sure you would like a puppy, we strongly suggest that you place a reservation
before the next litter of puppies arrive. This way you will be given first opportunity and preference to see pictures of our next litter of puppies. You can select from the ones we may have available now or you may choose to wait until the next set arrives. Families moving a reservation to the next available litter will have presumptive rights as their reservations would have been placed at an earlier date.

We do inform people which order of reservations they will be, for instance family # 1 - 4, etc. If you are sure you want to place a reservation for a male or female, then we do break down the reservations for each sex. But if family #1 is not sure of which sex they will chose until the puppies are born, then the choice will be for which puppies are still available after family #1 boy or girl chooses, then family #2 and so on. It can get complicated at times, please feel free to give us a call for more details on reservations,
we will be happy to explain further.

Selection choice goes to pre-qualified and pre-approved customers first who have been approved and placed a paid reservation first. First come, first served order method. Repeat customers may chose from any available puppies. From there we will notify those who inquired in the order they called, wrote, emailed or visited, inform them of the pre-qualifying and approval process, and then the first approved person to place a deposit gets to chose in the order that their reservation was received.

Some people do get approved first, get on the pre-qualified list but may decide to wait until placing a deposit reservation as they are unsure of their timeline. You can get pre-approved and go on a waiting list for the future. 

Please call us for details of the current available puppies, and to discuss
exactly what you are looking for in an Norfolk Terrier to suit your family.

We encourage prospective families to consider the longer-term investment that is needed to provide for the best possible home for your Norfolk. The initial cost of your puppy should only be one consideration and you will also need to consider the supplies, food, toys, training, fencing and health costs over the life of your puppy.

How does a reservation work?

A reservation will guarantee you choice selection from our puppies. If you know you are interested in getting a Norfolk Terrier, and would either like to have one from our available pups now, or from our next litter, or if you are waiting for a specific puppy, (sex, etc.) you should place a reservation with us before the puppies are born.

Sometimes families ask that we use our best judgment to select the most
appropriate puppy for them, based on their wishes, and best match personalities of the puppies to the new home. We go to great lengths to ensure the match is the best possible one for your family. We use the Volhard puppy temperament test to determine suitability levels for all our puppies' families as well as our own trained eye observation of behavior.  

Reservations are offered to pre-qualified owners. Please see our list of pre-qualification questions. After we discuss with you your family needs and preferences and we talk about the answers to our questions and speak further by phone about our puppies, only then will we become comfortable that a Norfolk is a good match for you. Then we will make the reservation with you.

If you do not see the one puppy that you really want, you can always move your reservation to the next litter. Sometimes moving your reservation to the future litters can get you a better pick on the next arrivals; there is no rush or time limit to select your puppy, it is up to you when you wish to choose from that litter or move it to another future one.

We can accept a reservation by Paypal, which is the preferred method which is immediate and provides you with an instantaneous receipt and time and date stamps the deposit. (Though it does have a 3% surcharge) You may FedEx a check, or you may send a check, made out to Donna Fitzpatrick, and not the farm name.We will wait 4 days for Priority Mail only, but others who use Paypal or FedEx will get their deposits placed sooner and ahead of the ones snail mailed.

We do require a $500 deposit to hold a place for you for a puppy, which will go towards the final cost of the puppy.

Then when the puppies are born another $500 deposit is due.

Then when you pick out and/or name your puppy another $500 deposit is due.

All puppies will need to be fully paid for by the time they are 8 - 10 weeks old. We ask our potential families to please come in person to pick up your puppy. If for some reason your family cannot, we do have a dog trainer who may, if time allows, will hand carry your puppy to you by plane. It would be your responsiblity for their airfare, lodging if needed, for them to do this as a service for you. We prefer not to ship our pups. Only in the most extenuating circumstances will we consider shipping. One family had to clean up after a hurricane, with that as a consideration, we did ship but it is more rare.

Pet and Family Prices: males are $2,700 and females, when they become available, are $3,500.

There are usually more boys born than girls.

Breeding rights prices for breeders are by private contract only.

To help make it easier for our families to send deposits we have added a link to a Paypal button. I will tell you where it is after our phone conversation. Though it does have a 3% surcharge in addition to the pup. This is quickest and most immediate, safest way to send your deposit. 


When you place a reservation we will keep in contact with you about the news on the expected birth dates of the new arrivals. As soon as they are born we take lots of pictures of the puppies, and send them to you before they are posted. We will let you know first that the new puppy photos are going to be emailed to you and we will help you with your selection.

We do reserve the right to hold a particular puppy from any litter if we decide he or she may be added to our own breeding stock for the future. All picks or choices must be made by 8 weeks of age. We prefer to wait until some personalities appear and we can help families make a decision that way, or if the families have their heart set on a certain sex, markings, etc. they may chose earlier or as soon as their turn comes up in the order that their reservation came in to us for that particular litter.

We usually take three or four reservations per litter and sometimes we'll be surprised with one or two extra babies in the litter. Then the people on the reservation list will be offered the opportunity to choose these babies. So getting on the list will save you a spot to claim a baby.  Occasionally we may have extra  puppies available if you just happened to find our site and have not sent in your answers yet. You can also qualify by calling us, which may speed up the process for you.



Memorandum of Understanding and Commitment to this puppy: We understand and agree with the following statements:

1.)  The amount of deposit required to place a reservation placed is $500.00.

2.)  Please do not place your reservation over the internet before we talk with you first.

3.)  Our reservation system is based on what is fair to everyone involved.  Once we have received your reservation application and our telephone interview has taken place, only then will you receive a letter of approval by email and a thank you letter from us. Then you are eligible to proceed to place a reservation deposit once the other steps have been completed.

4.)  Once your deposit arrives, you will be placed next in line on the reservation list for a puppy. You will receive an email conformation that your deposit was received.

5.)  The reservation deposit is transferable to one of our future litters as long as you notify us that you are not ready for your reserved puppy or that another litter better suits you.

6.)  The deposit you make is a good faith commitment or promise on your part that you have decided Trinity Norfolk Terriers is the right breeder for you and you want one of our puppies. The deposit is transferable to another litter but is non-refundable, under most circumstances. This is because once you place your deposit we stop offering that reservation spot to the other people interested in one of our Norfolk Terriers. We do not accept another deposit as the list will stop there.

7.)  Because there may be only 2-3 pups born to a first time mom, or she may have all boys when girls were ordered, it may take a year or more in waiting for a specific pup. As Mother Nature gives us the surprise of babies, we will not take any more than three reservations for each litter.

8.)  We also reserve the right on all litters to chose the first pup to add to our breeding program. So the first choice spot will be after we chose a pup - if we do - from that litter. As we did not keep any girls these last few years, we will plan to keep two girls in 2014-2015 from each year, from different litters.

9.) The balance of your payments are due in installments, whenever you are ready or at the very least, place another when the pups are born. Another when the pups are temperament tested to see who the leader is and who the followers are - so we know which puppy to offer to which families to chose from.  Any remaining balance is due 15 days before your puppy goes home with you.

10.) We will accept a USPS money order, Certified Check or PayPal. If you want to send a personal check, please make it out to me, Donna Fitzpatrick, call me for our street address, and send it two weeks early for it will need to clear the bank 15 days before your puppy goes home with you. If you use the "Place a deposit on a puppy" button on the website, by credit or debit card or Paypal button,  please include the 3% surcharge of $15.50 for every 500 sent. (I will tell you where this button is before you can place your deposit.)

11,) If you mail your reservation, please send your deposit by way of USPS PRIORITY mail, Express mail or FedEx. We are not able to hold a spot for you for a puppy or reservation until the deposit is received in hand.

12.) Trinity Farms has invested a great deal of time, travel, research and expense to bring you original, healthy lines of Norfolk Terriers that are known for their calm, sensible and manageable temperaments as well as being healthy, strong and hardy. Our dogs were imported from Europe, The Netherlands, Germany and Slovakia and come from pure old English lines.  Some were born in the United States.

13.) I understand Norfolk Terrier puppy prices start at $2,700.00 for males and are $3,500.00 and up for females, when they become available.  They are a rare breed and I promise to protect the puppy and the breed.

14.) We include a three year guarantee on  Health, Genetics, Disposition and Temperament Guarantee. This is the beginning of a long term relationship with us, forever, with you and your pup.

15.) All puppies are placed as companions in pet homes only. They are sold with a separate spay or neuter agreement, in addition to a purchase and sales agreement and written guarantee. On occasion folks may desire to show their pup and we will work with you if there are special considerations.

16.) We do not sell or allow breeding rights on our puppies. If you wish to have breeding rights then we will negotiate a breeder's contract (then the prices will start at $6,000 and range to 8,000.00) If a pedigree is requested, please understand the pedigree information will be limited.

17.) AKC allows limited registrations, we will release the pedigree information once we receive a certificate of spay or neuter from your veterinarian.  We will then provide you with a permanent transfer of ownership letter and a pedigree history. The AKC will charge an extra $60 for a late registration. As we are safe-guarding our breed, and require spay-neuter contracts and proof of spay-neuter before releasing pedigrees, this extra $60 is your responsibility and we ask that you agree to the spay-neuter before we move forward.

18.) Puppies and their care can be expensive. The best all natural, organic dogfood available, toys, bowls, leashes, winter or fun clothes, vet visits as needed yearly for disease prevention, dental care starting with a young pup, worming and flea treatments monthly, any shoes left out by accident get chewed and need to be replaced, grooming done three - four times a year, fencing that cannot be dug under or climbed over,  etc. This may easily run into hundreds to over a thousand dollars to include new fencing if needed. Buyers agree to keep the dog under control by leash or confined with a safe fence. The dog must not be allowed to run at large. Terriers do tend to follow interesting things and have selective hearing when you call.

19.) I am ready, willing and able to provide all these things for this puppy for his/her lifetime.

20.)  If I can no longer keep the puppy/dog, I am agreeing to bring him or her back to Trinity Farms Norfolk Terriers. I cannot sell or give away the puppy, it must be brought back to Trinity Farms.

21) I/we further agree that the failure of buyer to comply with the proper care, neurtering/spaying, or placement (not give away or sell the puppy/dog ever) could result in a $5,000.00 penalty fine. This fine would be due to breeder within 10 days of determination of such failure to comply with any of the three contracts. The Norfolk Terrier purchase and sales agreement, the spay/neuter contract and the written health guarantee. The laws of the state of South Carolina apply to these contracts.


I hereby agree with all twenty-one points as stated above and will place my signature here as proof of my commitment to this future puppy from Trinity Norfolk Terriers.

_____________________________     ___________

signature                                                   date

_____________________________      ___________

witness signature or 2nd family member   date

Please copy this section and paste it into an email. It is the last step required before you may place a reservation deposit.

It should follow the pre-qualifing questionnaire for families copied and pasted into an email also. Thank you for your commitment to the being the best possible pet parent and family for one of our babies.

 Angel Baby is 4 months old and is a doll baby. She is so happy all the time and loves her people.

 These six photos are of the black and tan female puppy. 

 These are the newest photos of the four Norfolk pups coming in about 3 weeks. 

There are 3 pups who will be just 16 wks old, two girls, one red and one black and tan  And one male pup, a black and tan.

And one older puppy, red female, Tara, who will have full breeding rights.


 Here is the red female puppy.

 Here is the black and tan male puppy.

In the next 2 photos, the red female pup is on the left and the Mom of these pups

is Exy Etoile, on the right.

 This is the older female puppy 7 months old Tara, that we had planned on keeping but are offering her

to you as an option. As she will have full breeding rights her

price is twice the price of the 14 wks old babies.

Reserving a Puppy | Cost & Value