Because you invest your Heart in your puppy....


Your peace of mind for your family is our priority

Gingerbread Man -  "Manny" is from Slovakia. His mother is from classic Rough Rider lines and was CACIB 5 times and BOB 4 times. His father is Nanfan and Porrigito lines from Portugal, Sweden and Norwegian champions. His father is an ICC and SWC and Claypot CC lines. Manny is now retired in Florida.

Bourbon Caramel - "Mojo" was born in The Netherlands, he is from the De Hobbitheerdt kennel and has Guestlings and Queensborough, Truffles, Nanfan, and Brymarden lines as well as Rough Rider.

Hedgerow Thistle- "Cookie" was born in Texas. She is from a Swedish father, Jaeva/Java, Allbrights, Outlander and Rough Rider lines. Her mother is from Sundancer and Islay Celtics lines and Rough Rider. Cookie was retired.

Trinity's Sweet" SuzyQ" is a daughter of Cookie and Manny, she was born in June of 2009. She is a black and tan girl, Manny's father was a B & T.

Hedgerow Twig- "Twig" was born in Oklahoma. She is from Ferda Pucl, Tjeps Reds, Nanfan, and Danja lines.  Her mother is from Bohemia, Lussy od Spesovske and Rough Rider lines. 

"Milly and Angie" are sisters imported from Prague from the Bohemia and champion lines. 

"Ashley and Maddy" are two sisters born March 2009 from Millie, who we have  added to our program.

Mara is a darling young girl with just the softest personality and sweetest view on life.

Charlie will turn two years old in September and he became part of our program.


 This is "Manny", Gingerbred Man, in disguise.

 SuzyQ, our black & tan girl, is so sweet and the best, little girl and is just like her mother, Cookie.

 Manny in his 'summer buzz' cut, getting ready for our hot

South Carolina summer heat. 

Most of our Norfolks now, with the exception of five girls, were all born in Europe where they do not dock tails. We had to agree to a contract not to dock their tails here in the U.S. 

 Anni, on left, and Manny, on right, on the back porch.

This picture was taken in the late afternoon in the shade.

 Anni and Manny dressed for Christmas.

 Mojo on the left and SuzyQ on the right, happy faces no matter what they are doing anytime of day or night.

 Toby is our black & tan male who loves his people and his playtime.

 Anni peeking around a corner at a chameleon. She has retired and been adopted.

 Mojo face front close up last spring, he still had his winter coat at the time.

 Suzy Q is the last daughter of Cookie and Manny. She was born this June 09.

 Twig outside taking a break after delivering her babies.

 This is Twig when she was a puppy herself, three years ago.

 Twig is a super mom and takes wonderful care of her babies.

Twig and Little Red playing outside and smiling for the camera.

 Mojo as a 4 week old pup.

 Mojo's father is Guestlings Hall of Fame.

 Mojo's mother is Everlasting Love of Queensborough

 Our little "Cookie" at about a year old. She is smaller than Anni, Mojo and Manny. She and Twig are closer in size and are around 10" tall, but seem smaller as they are two little cutie pies!!

 Muffin is a daughter of Twig and Manny, loves playing outdoors and is our tomboy girl. Little Red and Muffin playing together.

 Littlr Red is our little princess and is happy and playing all the time. She is very sweet and feminine.  

 We work with our families as we want the best time and best circumstances for our babies going to their new homes.

If you haven't received an email response from me within 24 - 48 hours please call me.  We so enjoy talking with everyone and please continue to telephone me to inquire about our extra babies that were a nice surprise.

 I do ask you to please phone me with your questions and for information about our puppies who are available now and those who are due in July.

 This is our backyard, the front area is the back porch and puppy and momma's area. Behind the picket fencing is the larger puppy and adult area for playtime.

Our barn/kennel building: 

 This is our little barn in the backyard. The design is to keep our adult Jack Russell Terriers and our Norfolk male adult dogs comfortable, safe and secure; and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is built out of wood for many redeeming qualities over a metal building. It is more aesthetically pleasing as well as more efficient to heat and cool and has a comfortable barn atmosphere feeling. We have floodlights for the barn area and the entire fenced backyard, as well as a security system with motion detectors and several automatic early warning systems.  

The floors are plywood and pressure treated boards. We re-designed the inside and built small-scaled horse stalls, but for dogs!  Each stall door has two holes near the bottom, head-sized only, so they can look out and see what's going on and talk to each other.  The dogs are bedded down in shavings 6 - 8" deep. They love it, roll in it and curl right up to go to sleep. This makes the individual stalls easy to clean and pick - just like the design for mucking stalls for horses. It works very well, is easy on our backs and easy to navigate inside. We hang food and water in stainless steel flat-backed pails with hooks from the wall. This helps in preventing spillage on the floor and from being tipped over. In cleaning the floors, we use the same health procedures as a veterinary clinic, but with pressure treated floors vs. concrete. The same Parvo-Lan disinfectant works well on wood floors also.

The barn/kennel building is 12 x 24, is insulated, heated and cooled. We use radiant heat for the building. And we use 6 fans and two air conditioners on their own electrical circuit. Both gable ends of the roof  have larger sized venting systems. We have also installed a fly and mosquito automatic sprayer system and an automatic deodorizer system. The water system we use are individual automatic self-waterers in addition to the pails. That allows us to monitor each dog's water intake daily. We also play music to help keep them company when they are inside.

All of our dogs are loved and hugged and rubbed each day by all of us, exercised several times a day in the large fenced grassy area with trees and they love to run and play. They are also up on our back deck, play around the porch and have neat places to explore and play hide and seek. We wanted a more family atmosphere instead of a formal kennel feeling. We do have outside paddock type pens and a few outside kennel runs that are 10 x 10 x 6 chain link pens but are not attached to the barn. They are in a separate area with grass, shade and another larger individual free play time as well.

The dogs in the house are: anyone and everyone in during the day,  of course females who are pregnant, any young puppies who are future stock, and any pups that are less than 9 months old. In addition every dog is on a rotation for a turn in the house to sleep with us and share our daily lives. And of course we have a separate room that has been designed as a whelping room for new litters. Once the babies are about 3-4 weeks old the mom and babies are moved into the kitchen-family-great room area to be involved in the daily routines and noises that go along with that. Socialization begins early, from the first day of birth, and each day and week after that.


 The outside backyard play area.

 I am still working to add new photos of our crew. Thank you for your patience.