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News for  2019

We are waiting for our girl to come into season and we hope

to expect a litter for Spring.



 Twig x Charlie's babies, from 2013.

 Twig's babies, little girl Lacey, is in the middle. A FL family has been waiting for Lacey to be born for 2 years, she is reserved.

 Twig x Charle's boys, peeking out of the basket at 6 wks old. They are so cute!!

 SuzyQ's x Charlie's  three boys faces close up at 7 wks old. They were born Oct. 25th.


Though it's usually a six month to a year wait, and in some cases longer, if you are waiting for a puppy from a specific pair of prospective parents, we encourage you to take the first step. Please send us your answers to the family questionnaire on the reservations page.

That is the first step, for your personal telephone chat, for us to start talking. If you'd like to email your answers in we can do that also. After our phone interview and are approved, then folks are eligible to send in a reservation deposit. The next step is going on the priority list for a specific set of parents, or a specific time line that is convenient for you.

All our puppies are all sold by advance reservations. We occasionally may have an extra puppy which is a wonderful surprise. We are now accepting reservations for these planned litters.

If you would like more information please call or email me, Donna at 803-648-3137 or 

We're accepting reservations now for the planned litters for the fall and winter of '13.  This is a photo of SuzyQ's three little faces at 6 wks of a previous litter. We are hopefully expecting a litter from SuzyQ x Mojo for this fall and we have just opened her reservation book. We are waiting for several of our girls to come into season.

 Step 1: view the adult's photos and read our reservation protocols. Please fill out the answers to our Family  Questionnaire from the Reserving a puppy page. (You may copy them by right-clicking your mouse, and then dropping it into an email to make it easier to type in your answers and then email them to us.) The next part is to phone us to chat and talk about the Norfolks and your present or previous dogs. Once we have a telephone interview we will send you photos of any available puppies.

Step 2: The next step is to please read, copy, sign and email or mail to us the Memorandum of Understanding and Commitment. If you like you may do this at the same time as the family questionnaire and send them both to us.  Once approved by telephone or email you are welcome to move to step three.  

 Step 3: Place your reservation deposit to hold a puppy for your family. All deposits go towards the price of  the puppy, of course. You may do this by calling me and I will explain how to do it online if you prefer, or by FedEx or UPS next day letter. Whoever gets their reservation deposit to us first will be placed next in line for either the male puppy or female puppy list.




May we wish everyone a wonderful Fall season with your families.                          803-648-3137  Ring up Donna for a chat

 This is SuzyQ's little black & tan girl at 6 wks old. What an adorable little cutie pie she is!!!! Small but mighty and so happy!!!!

 Tag lives in Florida with his family!

 Delilah on Cape Cod 2010.

 This is Honey who now lives on the beach in Laguna, CA. What a cutie pie!

You can see Honey's 'society entrance' in Romantic Home magazine for March 2010. She has a full page photo.

 Honey giving her new momma her first California kiss for holiday time 2009.

 Sweet little Basil now lives in Wisconsin with his momma Pat.

 Basil going home with Pat B. to Wisconsin.

 Terri poolside in Florida with Kay and Jim.

 Debra and Jack visiting from Hawaii to see their little Lola this Oct. 2010.

 Cecilia and Jade going home to NJ this summer 2010.

 Griffith in TN in the snow 2010.

 Reagan going home to FL summer 2010.

Julie going home to Massachusetts

 Winston playing in the pond in Minnesota.

 Ginger hiking with Sage, Shelby, Skylar and two dog buddies in Florida.

 Turley, Will and Morgan in NJ for the holiday 09.

 Duke with the boys in NJ.

 Slick going home this summer 09.

One of the differences in pedigrees is that when you have long, proven histories of many generations of the same line of dogs, you are able to see a consistency in quality in the puppies these dogs produce. It is over a long period of time that breeders have protected these lines and are dedicated to keeping them pure and undiluted to ensure the quality for generations to come.

When you establish new bloodlines you have done years of extensive homework and research in digging into the family histories of the dog's grandparents, great and great-great grandparents and research the family environments these dogs were also raised in. Genetics plays the largest part in about 40%, nutrition plays 30% and environment plays 30% of what makes up a good dog and how that dog develops. How that dog is raised as a puppy will determine how he or she acts as an adult dog and what their mother teaches her offspring for accepted behavior.

When you find your next family member with us, you are making an investment in your children's and grandchildren's happiness and safety. This is an investment in your heart, your children's lives and the family's happiness. This you cannot put a price on - and our families are a testament to this and will happily provide references for our puppies and dogs. They're glad to have a chance to brag about their puppy and how well he or she has fit into their family. And how well they do behave and are an integral part of their family. 

 Jana's babies relaxing on the porch. The black and tan is a boy, the others are girls.

 Li'l Red, close up at 12 weeks old.

Peg's Barkus at 10 wks old.

 Puppy pictures were taken June 20th and July 19th of '07.  The babies are now confident to 'jailbreak' out of their crate when we come to open the door. They are so cute, they love running around the kitchen island to play and visit.

The male pup, Barkus, went to Savannah, GA with Peg.

The female pup, Summer, went to Marietta, GA with Tanner.

Li'l Red says,  "Hey, I think I like this bath thing! Where's my towel?"

 Twig's kids at 11 weeks old play on Meg.

 Brody lives in New York with his family.

 This is Twig's little girl from summer of 2007, Lil' Red now known as Fallon and she lives in Florida. She is adorable and her cute factor is definately a '10'.

 This is little Kiely, she is a Twig x Manny daughter and lives in NC. Another sweet baby girl.

 Twig and Manny's litter at 11 wks old.

From left to right: Summer, Barkus and Li'l Red.

 Barkus' first ocean swim in Savannah, Georgia.

 Red going home with Beverly and Gary to Florida.

 Summer going home with Tanner to Georgia.

Dear Donna
I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how well Turley is doing in her new home.  We absolutely adore her!!  She is so sweet, well-behaved and easy going.  She is a total love.  The kids are crazy about her and play with her all of the time.  We are continuing the crate training and she is doing really well.  She was a little hesitant to poop outside in the snow at first but is quickly learning.  She stays in the crate all night and we don't hear a peep from her.  We take her with us in the car and she is either on one of the kids laps or sleeping on the seat next to me.  I always turn the seat warmers on and she really likes that!  We had a birthday party here last night and the fire alarm accidentally went off and she stayed totally calm, our friends were amazed!  She is such a sweet, little dog and we are so happy.  Thanks so much!

Have a very Merry Christmas!  I will send you a picture shortly of Turley with Morgan and Santa Claus.  He comes around to all of the houses in our town on a firetruck and the kids ran up to him and thanked him for sending Turley!

Take care,
Kathy in NJ.



My dearest Donna

I am still grinning ear to ear after spending the day with you yesterday!  Oh my word . . . your puppies are beyond compare with each little beastie cuter than the previous.  It astounds me how well behaved the dogs were and of course I am amazed at how clean you keep the puppy pens.  There is no question that your ‘babes’ are loved and cherished. I can’t imagine them having a better “Mom.”


Thank you again for letting us come over and monopolize your day.  I loved getting a chance to see your new puppies and Norfolk’s and am amazed at the quality of your breeding stock.  Twig’s puppies are gorgeous as is Twig herself… 

I really truly wouldn’t have traded yesterday for all of the money in the world.  I had a ball spending time with you and will always cherish your darling pups.  You are an amazing woman Donna . . . how you handle all that you do with these babies is beyond me . . .



                                                                 Jan. 19, 2008 

Good Morning Donna,
It's a cold, rainy, dreary old Saturday morning here and from the looks of the 
weather map, you're getting the same.  I remind myself that rain or shine, heat 
or cold, you must tend the pups . . . letting out those who need exercise, 
letting in those who need people time.  I offer a continual thank you for your 
diligence, patience and tireless efforts so that we may have the very finest 
puppies in the whole wide world.
Barkus is now 9 months old . . . breathtakingly handsome, shiny-eyed (he loves 
to roll is his eyes which is one of his favorite forms of communication), a coat 
that is beyond belief (Carol can't get over how thick and luscious it is in his 
first year) and the temperament of an angel.  He is calm, mellow, very sweet and 
loving and hysterically funny.  He is a lap pup, so all my dreams have come 
true.  He and Journey continue to grow closer and closer and John and I laugh 
uncontrollably at their ridiculous terrier games which they carry on inside and 
out.  Barkus, unlike Journey, loves nothing better than going for a walk, so he 
and I take a long walk each morning varying the scenery with our moods and 
whims.  Journey comes alive after sunset and accompanies us on another long walk 
down to the creek after dinner each evening.  John and I have our late afternoon 
coffee down by the pond, relaxing and feeding the fish, while J. and B. 
investigate all the wonders of our big back yard.  
This week a Great Blue Heron landed by the pond, attracted by our sculpture of a 
Great Blue Heron (who we think must look like a drop dead beautiful female) and 
Barkus let out a squeak of sheer joy as he bounded off to catch the "big bird."  
The Heron said "Krrrooonk", Barkus stopped dead in his tracks and sat down to 
contemplate the situation (which he does with great regularity when he doesn't 
understand something) before resuming the chase.  He rarely chases anything . . 
. squirrels as yet hold no interest, but occasionally he likes to see Lucy, our kitten, climb a tree.  He and Journey chase each other around the 
pond and love to play "I've got the stick and you don't!"
Barkus has completed his basic obedience classes which qualified him to start 
puppy agility last week.  No surprise to either you or me, he has taken to it 
like a duck to water.  He LOVES it!  He is afraid of nothing and loves jumping, 
tunneling, running up the A-frame and the dog walk, hopping through the tire . . 
bring it on . . . he's ready.  We have a nice class . . . about 8 or 9 other 
puppies all of whom have nice manners and are enthusiastic to learn.  I don't 
think Carol has ever gotten to train a Norfolk and despite her love of big dogs 
and Yellow Labs in particular, she is totally smitten with Barkus and awed by 
his intelligence, humor and outstanding ability.  She teaches new things using 
him for the example.  Barkus, for his part, is besotted with Carol and would 
turn back flips for her if she asked.
The long and the short of it, Donna, is that Barkus is the finest puppy dog in 
the whole universe and John and I continually pinch ourselves trying to believe 
the great good fortune that brought him into our lives.  There are not enough 
words to express our gratitude and lifelong thanks for allowing us to have the 
very best present we've ever received.
I hope all is well at Trinity and that somehow you and Michael find wee, small 
snippets of time to relax.  Please know that we love you both very dearly and 
include you in our prayers daily.
Puppy love,
 John, Journey, Barkus and Peg

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