Irish & English

Jack Russell Terriers

Quality, family dogs who have proven, calmer dispositions & sweeter personalities.

Shortys 9" to 12" tall, smooth coat, with long, deep histories of proven generations of great temperaments.

Breeders of Jack Russell Terriers for

30 years.    

Private, select bloodlines.

Welcome to Trinity Farms, our small family farm where we've been raising Jack Russell Terriers for over 30 years. Please visit our JRT page at click on the purple letters to go there.

In all the Jack Russells we have lived with over the years and studied, our research led us to the Irish an English JRT's, 12 inches and under. Jack Russells from Ireland and England have much more amenable dispositions and their personalities are much more easy-going. They are family pets that live with various kinds of animals on the farm, and do not hunt the family cat or chickens.


At Trinity Farms our goal is to provide you with a healthy, happy, superior quality dog. We specialize in Jack Russell Terriers, traditional puppy training and raising family pets, show and breeding prospects, bred and raised in our home and family environment. The Jack Russell Terrier is an intelligent, even-tempered breed, docile with its owner and loving with children, family and pets. With our many years of experience and our trained eye, we will evaluate and help you pick the perfect family pet for you and your children.

We are breeding Irish and English JRT's. Thirty years ago we got away from the old style 'hyper-aggressive'
jacks which have had a bad rap from the American line inbreeding for aggressiveness for the show ring here in the states.  We have diligently searched and found undiluted bloodlines and healthier dogs. We want our dogs to be good family dogs, and breed for a balanced and better, calmer temperament and sweeter dispositions, concentrating on temperament, health, conformation and correctness of type for the breed. Our Russells may occasionally still have the working/hunting ability, but they can turn it 'on or off.'  Some of our Irish lines you'd have to teach them how to hunt.


 Casey and Fred kayaking on Morgan Creek.