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Photos from Cookie's and Twig's babies last summer, July 10, '08:

All of Twig's and Cookie's babies now have homes.

Getting photos of wiggly, squirming, happy exploring puppies is not an easy task accomplished in one sitting. They do not want to sit still for even two seconds. I don't think I ever got the 'perfect picture', but these candids show them playing and being happy little puppies.

 Cookie's two boys, Grant on left, Graham on right with toy, 10 wks.

 Cookie's two boys walking on the porch today 10 wks.

Graham on left and Grant on right this time.

 Graham's red color and face looking at you. 10 wks

 Graham has the coveted toy that everyone wants.

 Graham playing with toys.

 Graham, walking away, backside rear shot.


 Archie, the bigger boy, has a teddy bear face, at 9 wks.

 Archie with the toy birthday cake.

 Archie, face looking straight at you, 10 wks.

Archie, right side body red, color shot at 10 wks.


 Twig's three boys.

 Twig's large boy #1 Winston, sitting.

 Twig boy #2 Zeke, medium size, front face in sun at 9 wks

 Twig boy #2 on the left, 9wks.

 Twig boy #3, smaller size, face front shot. He's going to TX.

 Twig boy #3, face close up sitting down.

 Twig's Kiely girl at 8 wks.

 Twig's Kiely girl right side standing

Twig's Kiely girl with a ball.

 Twig's Kiely girl left side stretching out.

 Twig girl #2 playing with birthday cake toy sent by their brother, Barkus, for his 1 yr. old birthday party.

 Twig girl #2 face close up shot outside.

Norfolk puppies | Puppy supply list | Past Litters 08 | Planned Litters 2015